3 Simple Steps to Calmer Walks

For dogs who lunge, bark and generally lose is at other dogs, bikes, people and other animals. 

Hosted by Rachel Laurie Harris, certified professional dog trainer and reactive dog specialist. 









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Find the best walking location for MAXIMUM enjoyment for you and your dog!

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Understand the training process so you know you are doing it RIGHT!

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Better UNDERSTAND the WHY to your dogs behavior!

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I've Coached THOUSANDS of Teams

Over the last 11 years I’ve coached dog/human teams to calmer walks and I want to help you and your dog next!

🐶 Walking a dog who pulls, lunges and barks is seriously NOT FUN! 😾 It can be embarrassing when your dog 🐕 behaves like this! Everyone looking at you 👀 like… ummm why is your dog like this?! It’s time to start TRAINING!


Inside this free training I give you 3 simple steps you can take TODAY to enjoy walking your dog more. EVEN better, they are EASY to implement and you’ll see them start work quickly! 💥


Not only will your dog behave calmer but you and your dog will learn how to work as a TEAM. Training can really be so fun and I want that for you and your dog!

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Walk's don't have to suck anymore. All dogs are capable of learning, no matter how old, no matter how wild. If you follow our 3 simples steps, you are going to see IMMEDIATE improvements!


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