3 Secrets to Training a Trustworthy Recall

For dogs who want to be off leash but you need to trust them to come when called.

Hosted by Rachel Laurie Harris, certified professional dog trainer and recall training specialist.









Learn How To

Make coming when called as reinforcing as possible to increase reliability.

Learn How To

Understand your dogs individual motivations and the direct impact to their ability to come when called.

Learn How To

Avoid making the biggest mistake I see guardians making that is holding them back from a dog who will come when called!

Recall's Don't Happen Over Night!

You canโ€™t just put in 1 training session and expect your recall to always work. HECK itโ€™s also going to take more than a few treats for your dog to reliably come when you call them.

If you've been struggling to get your dog to come when called, this webinar will give you strategies you can use TODAY to see RESULTS!

In this free training you'll learn the 3 secrets to a Trustworthy Recall.

A sneak peak inside this free training:

  • Understanding your dogs breed and motivations
  • Examples of how to improve your dogs recall
  • The science behind why +R is so effective

Join the thousands of other dog guardians who have successfully trained their dog to come when called!

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