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Are you a proud puppy parent eager to set your furry friend on the path to lifelong happiness and well-rounded behavior? Look no further! Welcome to the Puppy Socialization Webinar, where expert dog trainer Rachel Laurie Harris CPDT-KA with an impressive 12 years of experience will be your guide on this exciting journey.


🌟 What You'll Gain from Our Webinar 🌟

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the wealth of knowledge accumulated by Rachel, a seasoned professional in the world of dog training. Learn tried-and-true methods that have transformed countless pups into well-mannered, happy companions.

Essential Socialization Techniques

Uncover the secrets to fostering positive interactions with other dogs, people, and the world around them. Help your puppy develop the social skills crucial for a confident and friendly demeanor.

Problem Prevention

Discover proactive strategies to tackle common behavioral issues before they arise. From nipping to leash pulling, Rachel will equip you with the tools to foster positive habits from the start.


The REAL REASON age matters when it comes to puppies.

Critical Learning Stages!

Your new puppy goes through a crucial socialization window from the age of 8 weeks to 16 weeks old. This means that every experience they have during that time period can shape who they become as they age.


Socialization isn’t a one size fits all!

  •  Good socialization takes careful planning
  •  Socialization doesn’t have to require a lot of time
  •  Socializing your dog can greatly benefit their quality of life as they age


You can give your new puppy an ADVANTAGE in life by properly socializing them RIGHT NOW

Who Should Attend?

  • New puppy parents seeking a strong foundation for their furry family member.
  • Those looking to enhance their current training methods with expert insights.
  • Dog enthusiasts passionate about creating a positive and enriching environment for their pups.

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