Trustworthy Recalls

A step by step guide teaching your dog how to come when called! If you want to be able to trust your dog off leash, this course can get you there!

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Reliable Recall

Being able to trust that your dog will come when you call them.

Improved Off Leash Skills

Your dog will learn the value of staying close and will be much better off leash.

Skills That Last a Lifetime

You'll be able to take these skills with you on any adventure for the rest of your dogs life. 

"When Magnus and I went through Rachel's Trustworthy Recall course I was really struggling.  He was approaching a year old and I felt like we were really lacking this skill!! I had no idea how to build a strong recall skill . The environment was definitely way more interesting than I was ! So his recall was always a gamble . This course really helped me understand what I needed to do. It was so informative but also easy to understand.  I followed the plan she laid out and within weeks I was seeing a huge improvement.   Now I have the skills I need to assess the environment and decide if off leash is a good idea or not. He went from having about a 20% recall to being reliable in almost all situations. We work on this almost daily because she helped me understand how reinforcement works and how practice will help this become a solid skill. One of the best things about this course was Rachel's knowledge and skill. She always had time to answer questions!"

Carolyn & Magnus
T.R. participants

Trustworthy Recalls

A step by step guide to trusting your dog off leash!

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