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Teach your dog ALL the skills they’ll need for a life full of ADVENTURE!

We’ve all been there, we take our dog on adventures and it is NOT carefree and fun like we HOPED it would be. 

Ā The ANWSER to enjoyable adventures?!

TrainingĀ and Relationship Building!

We've combined our 20 years of training experience and adventuring into an EASY to FOLLOW course with a community of other adventurers to support you on your training journey! 

Connect you with a warm and welcoming community who also want to make the most of their adventures with their dogs! We will be available each month to answer your training questions and set you and your dog up for AWESOME adventures!
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 Training Skills for both ends of the leash! 

We aren't training the dog, we're teaching you how to be the best trainer for your dog. 

Over the years we've learned A LOT about what it takes from both the dog and the guardian to have success on adventures. We will not only give you practical training advice but also help you reframe some of the ways you approach your dog and training. 

EASY TO FOLLOW! All of our training videos are condensed into the most useful skills. We make is easy to understand and even EASIER to implement in your own life. 

We've Created EXCLUSIVE Content To Expand On RELEVANT Adventure Dog Training Topics!


Pulling On Leash

Prey Drive

Camping with Dogs


 A look inside the course: 

The Most Comprehensive Adventure Dog Training Videos Available!

Made for ALL Levels.

If you and your dog are new to training we've got foundational videos to get you started!

If you and your dog already have a lot of training experience we've got ADVANCED training videos for you to take things to the NEXT LEVEL! 

We take you on ALL of our adventures and show you how to make the most of your time and energy so you and your dog can have a great time!

EASY to watch and even EASIER to implement with your own dog! 

-8 Modules

-30 + Training Videos

-Answers to the most common adventure dog challenges!

Expert Advice, when you need it!Ā 

Ask questions inside our community forum and get answers from professionalĀ dog trainers Rachel Laurie Harris CPDT-KA and Steph Folkman KPA-CTP. You can ask questions as they come up to ensure that you and your dog are on the right track! You can also connect with other adventure dog guardians to share what is and isn't working for you on your training journey!


Make the commitment to your dogs training so you both can make the MOST of your adventures!

This level of support would normally cost you $2000!

By joining Adventure Dog Academy you SAVE $1700!

 3 Monthly Installments:

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But wait, there's more! 

As an added bonus we are granting you access to our PROVEN recall training program Trustworthy Recalls!

($97 value, yours at no additional cost)


We know that off leash can be so nice for both human and dog! 

Our proven training plan will give you the tools to ensure your dog will come when you call them! We give you step by step instructions so you can train your dog to come when called in just a few minutes a day for a few weeks!


This level of support would normally cost you $2000!

By joining Adventure Dog Academy you SAVE $1750!

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All The Training Tools You Need To Adventure with Your Dog!

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