Dog training should be fun! 

You and your dog deserve the best practical, science based tools to help you live your best lives. A Good Feeling Dog Training and our online courses, one-on-one virtual and in-person training sessions can give you those skills.

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Join founder and owner Rachel Laurie Harris (CPDT-KA) and trainer Stephanie Folkman(KPA-CTP) on a journey to help you and your dog connect, find joy, and make magic happen. Specializing in reactive or “aggressive” dogs, basic manners, skills for adventuring, rescue dogs and so much more!

Virtual Training

Customized virtual training for all your dog training needs.

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Reactive Redefined FREE Mini Course

A online course to support the struggling reactive dog guardian. 

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Customized in person training for all your dog training needs.

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Hi, I'm Rachel, owner and head trainer, and I've been using my love of dog and human behavior to help my clients make huge progress in training and trust for the last 9 years. 

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Training Options

Life Skills

Looking to teach your dog manners and life skills? We've got you covered. We will teach you how to train your dog in everyday situations.

Behaviors include, sit, down, stay, name, leave it, door manners, polite greetings and really anything other skill you need!

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Off Leash Training

You want to be able to let your dog off leash more but you aren't sure they will come back if you call them. Trustworthy Recalls gives you all the tools you'll need to trust your dog off leash!



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Behavior Modification 

Got a specific behavior challenge?

Aggression, Reactivity, Resource Guarding, Over arousal, Dog-Cat Drama? We will focus on improving your dogs specific behavior challenge!



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What can you expect from your training services?

A Good Feeling Dog Training is all about giving you the training skills and emotional support so you and your dog can live your best lives. The more fun you and your dog have, the more motivated you will be to keep up the life long journey of training. No matter what training service you choose you can count on 3 things:

Kindness and Compassion

At A Good Feeling Dog Training we love dogs just as much as we love people. We understand that you and your dogs are individuals and you will be treated as such.

Modern Training 

At A Good Feeling Training we are committed to always learning and giving you the latest, evidence based and humane training techniques.

Skills that last a lifetime

Training your dog is a lifelong journey and we will equip you with the tools to apply the training to whatever behavior challenges pop up. 

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Virtual training will give you the tools and guidance to make huge improvements in your dogs behavior!

Brie and Iggy

"Rachel’s help has been invaluable with helping me deal with the anxiety of being a reactive dog mom, and helping me understand what Iggy goes through on a daily basis"

Julie and Rex

"I highly recommend working in any capacity you can manage with Rachel but if time or money is an issue the virtual route works!!! She is truly gifted and has changed my life.  “

Monique, Luna and Becker

"Rachel worked with us for about 5 months with our two pups. She was such a wonderful asset into the lens of R+ dog training. The strides our dogs have made in that time frame are phenomenal! "

Mark and Kona

"Rachel is an excellent trainer. She took our basic set of skills and elevated them to a new level. We have a high energy dog, but we have the tools to manage her out and about in the great big dog world. She really seeks to understand your situation and tailors training to you with great follow-up, notes and videos"

Carolyn and Magnus

"Rachel really took the time to get to know my dog and me. Listened to my concerns and made me feel like I was not alone and that she was there to help us! "

Meghan, Alex and Boone

"We had an awesome experience with Rachel! She was so knowledgeable and gave us all the skills and confidence to train our dog to be the best he could be ! Our boy made so much progress during our 5 sessions with Rachel. Couldn’t recommend her enough!"

Have fun, build your relationship with your dog and see amazing results!

Training your dog doesn't have to feel like a struggle! We are here to guide you on the training journey so you and your dog can live your best lives! 

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