Hello, I'm Rachel Laurie Harris,

 Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).

I found my calling training people and their dogs after volunteering at MaxFund as a dog walker (9 years ago). There, I saw that the thousands of dogs stuck in shelters are there because of easily trainable behavioral problems. I realized that if you take the time and work consistently with these disorderly dogs, they can learn to trust people, behave politely, and find the homes they deserve.

I’m committed to continuing my education, following key research, and helping you distill that information so you and your dogs are getting the best training plans available. Developing relationships with your furry family isn’t static, and our training techniques shouldn’t be either.

I work with all breeds and families, but have a soft spot in my heart for blockheaded bullies and pitbull mixes.

I'm committed to the underdog


In addition to training my own pups (Waylon + Tiva), I’ve fostered a number of “difficult” dogs to help give them the best chance at finding a new life. I also help organizations train their rescue dogs, helping them understand how to best serve the needs of these special friends.


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Hi! I’m Stephanie Folkman, an ABC Certified Dog Trainer.

My passion for animals grew as I did, my entire life has been surrounded by a multitude of dogs, cats and little exotic critters! Growing up, the only methods I knew of were aversive, heavy handed and made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. After a few painful mistakes and lessons, including a broken foot…I knew there had to be a better method out there. So when I discovered a softer, more gentle approach utilizing a reward based system, it changed everything between me and my own dogs. It took a lot of time and work to repair the damaged dynamic we had at that point. But with the best set of tools and understanding of science based dog training, our relationship is better than it’s ever been!  

Relationships built on clear communication, understanding and FUN are possible! My goal is to help as many other animal/human relationships as I can, by helping you understand how to better communicate and create a more valuable and joyful life with your pets.

I love training my own dogs, (Dakota + Cowboy + Storm) as well as my cat pack!


Questions about how we train?

Shoot us an email! we'd be happy to discuss how we approach training in more details!

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