Virtual Training

 will consist of:

  • Discussion, We will ask a lot of questions to make sure we understand all the details about your dogs behavior
  • Training, We will have you turn your computer or phone so we can see you and your dog. We will then give you specific instructions for training and coach you as you train your dog
  • Homework, It's up to you to implement the training we show you into your everyday life
  • Monitored ProgressYou will be asked to take multiple videos of your dogs behavior and your training sessions so we can make sure your skills and progress are where they need to be 
  • Support, You will get full access to our "Virtual Training Library" that has how-to videos and written explanations for all the training exercises we will teach you!
  • Virtual training is done via Zoom.
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What you can expect to learn from our virtual sessions.

  • Training skills and mechanics that you will use throughout your dogs life
  • Management strategies to prevent the unwanted behaviors
  • Observation skills to understand your dog better
  • Easy to implement training plans to see improved behavior from your dog

Ready to get started?!

Virtual training sessions are sold in packages of 5 sessions. The first session will be 90 minutes and each subsequent session will be 60 minutes.

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What our clients are saying:

“Rachel’s virtual training has been absolutely incredible for Iggy and I!! Iggy is a super reactive 5 year old Pittie mix, and I wanted to find a trainer who understood what we were going through and could help with Iggy’s struggles. Rachel’s help has also been invaluable with helping me deal with the anxiety of being a reactive dog mom, and helping me understand what Iggy goes through on a daily basis. In addition to that, virtual sessions have been even more helpful to us then in person (not to mention way more affordable!), and I can’t wait to take the Reactivity Redefined course and make even more progress with Iggy ❤️”

-Brie and Iggy

“Recently I had a virtual 30 minute refresher to work on a new behavior that had come up.  Rex was barking in the car on the way to exercise.  This barking behavior, was causing me a lot of stress, which in turn led me to act in a frustrated manner with Rex.  On a skype call Rachel reminded me of the sit and wait technique and practice runs in the car, all to illicit calm behavior.  I was astounded that after one practice, Rex only barked once on the way to the dog park.   From that point on I decided to do a a monthly virtual refresher session.   I highly recommend working in any capacity you can manage with Rachel but if time or money is an issue the virtual route works!!! She is truly gifted and has changed my life.  “

-Julie and Rex

Have you worked with us before?

If you've worked with use before and you need some continued support we'd love to hop onto a 45 minute virtual session.

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