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Each week host Rachel Laurie Harris CPDT-KA covers topics ranging from behavior challenges to training other species. 

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Rachel is a professional dog trainer and owner of A Good Feeling Dog Training a Denver based dog training business. Rachel brings her 9 years of experiencing working with dog guardians to this real and insightful podcast. She shares what life is like with her 2 dogs Tiva and Waylon.

Recent Episodes

Ep. 144 Is CBD Snake Oil?

The founders of VetCs join Rachel to discuss what we know about CBD for our pets.  

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Ep. 139 #pitbullstories Bark Nation

In this episode two of Bark Nations members join Rachel to talk about their work housing and caring for dog fight survivors!

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Ep. 147 Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, Wolf Activism 

Becca Sue, CWWC employee joins Rachel to talk about wolves and dogs. 

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