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3 Simple Steps to Calmer Walks

Inside this free webinar Rachel talks you through 3 simple steps you can take to see your dog behave calmer on walks TODAY! 

A sneak peak inside this free training:

  • Understanding the impact environment has on your dogs behavior
  • Examples of how to included mini training sessions in your walks
  • How changing your behavior can help your dog keep their cool
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3 Secrets to a Trustworthy Recall 

If you've been struggling to get your dog to come when called, this free training will give you strategies you can use TODAY to see RESULTS!

A sneak peak inside this free training:

  • Understanding your dogs breed and motivations
  • Examples of how to improve your dogs recall
  • The science behind why +R is so effective
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Top 3 Priorities for your Puppy's Critical Socialization Window

Inside this free webinar Rachel talks you through 3 simple steps you can take to take advantage of your puppies socialization window!

A sneak peak inside this free training:

  • Understanding how socialization works
  • Examples of how to safely take your new puppy into the world
  • How to adjust your socialization plan to fit in with your life
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Reactive Redefined Mini Course

If your dog barks, lunges and or generally loses it at dogs, people, bikes or squirrels we've got just the training course for you! 

  • Training skills you can implement right away to see improved behavior
  • How-to videos so you know exactly what to work on to see the best improvements
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Decoding Dog Body Language

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of canine communication.

 Are you eager to deepen the bond with your dog by understanding their unique body language?

Unlock the keys to your pup's emotions and behaviors with our exclusive Decoding Dog Body Language Course!

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Start your puppy off on the right paw!

Puppies can be so fun but puppies are A LOT of work. Inside our free mini course we walk you through how we handle raising and training our new puppy Spicy!

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Adventure Dog Academy

Pulling on leash? Chasing wildlife? Making you wish you left them at home?

We've put together our favorite training skills to make adventures ENJOYABLE again! 

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Disorderly Dogs Podcast

If you find yourself in Precarious Predicaments with your dog, this podcast is for YOU! Rachel shares training tips, inspiration and appreciation for the lives we share with our dogs. She invites like minded trainers and guardians to join her for conversations.

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