Dog training should be fun! 

You and your dog deserve the best practical, science based tools to help you live your best lives. A Good Feeling Dog Training and our online courses, one-on-one virtual and in-person training sessions can give you those skills.

What can you expect from your training services?

A Good Feeling Dog Training is all about giving you the training skills and emotional support so you and your dog can live your best lives. The more fun you and your dog have, the more motivated you will be to keep up the life long journey of training. No matter what training service you choose you can count on 3 things:

Modern Training 

At A Good Feeling Training we are committed to always learning and giving you the latest, evidence based and humane training techniques.

Kindness and Compassion

At A Good Feeling Dog Training we love dogs just as much as we love people. We understand that you and your dogs are individuals and you will be treated as such.

Skills that last a lifetime

Training your dog is a lifelong journey and we will equip you with the tools to apply the training to whatever behavior challenges pop up. 

Virtual Training Courses

Free Adventure Dog Academy Mini Course
Free Reactive Redefined Mini Course
Reactive Redefined Group Coaching
Trustworthy Recalls
Reactive Redefined Self Guided

 1:1 Coaching

45-Minute Virtual Session
Virtual Training
In-Person Training

 Disorderly Dogs: The Podcast

If you find yourself in Precarious Predicaments

with your dog, this podcast is for YOU!

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DIY Training Treats

DIY High Value Rewards, Licki pouches

DIY Scratchboard