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Modern Dog Training, We've Come a LONG Way!

history of dog training modern dog training Feb 20, 2023

The history of dog training is a fascinating subject that spans centuries and cultures. From ancient civilizations to modern times, people have been training dogs for various purposes, such as hunting, herding, and companionship. Here's a brief overview of the history of dog training:

  1. Ancient civilizations: Dogs have been trained by humans for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used dogs for hunting and as guards. These early training methods were based on punishment and physical force.
  2. Medieval times: During medieval times, dogs were primarily used for hunting and herding. Training methods during this time were still based on punishment and physical force, but the use of food rewards also began to emerge as a training tool.
  3. The 19th century: In the 19th century, the first dog training schools were established. These schools used a mix of punishment and rewards, but the focus was on obedience training.
  4. The 20th century: In the 20th century, dog training methods began to evolve. The first positive reinforcement-based training methods were introduced, which focused on rewarding good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior and focused on meeting dogs species specific needs.
  5. Modern times: Today, dog training has evolved to become a highly specialized field. There are various training methods and approaches, such as positive reinforcement, clicker training, and science-based training.
  6. Professionalization of the field: With the growing recognition of the importance of professional training, many organizations have been created to certify trainers and set standards for the industry.

It's important to note that while training methods have evolved over time, the goal of dog training has remained the same: to help dogs live harmoniously with humans. The history of dog training is a reminder that the relationship between dogs and humans is a dynamic one, shaped by cultural, societal, and scientific developments.

In conclusion, the history of dog training is a long and fascinating one, spanning centuries and cultures. It has evolved from ancient civilizations where training methods were based on punishment and physical force, to modern times where positive reinforcement-based training methods are the norm. The professionalization of the field and the creation of certification organizations have helped to set standards and ensure that dogs receive the best training possible. Although the need for regulation in the dog training industry continues to be needed in order to ensure dogs are being training in the most humane manner possible. 

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