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The Fallout is Real

fallout history of dog training Mar 06, 2023

Punishment-based training methods, such as pinch collars and e-collars, have been widely used in the past to train dogs. However, these methods have been shown to be ineffective and even dangerous for both the dog and the owner. Here are some of the dangers and fallouts of punishment-based training methods:

  1. Physical harm: Punishment-based training methods, such as pinch collars and e-collars, can cause physical harm to the dog, such as pain, injury, and even burns.
  2. Emotional distress: Punishment-based training methods can cause emotional distress for the dog, such as fear, anxiety, and depression. This can lead to behavioral issues, such as aggression and fearfulness.
  3. Lack of trust: Punishment-based training methods can lead to a lack of trust between the dog and the owner, as the dog may come to associate their owner with pain and fear.
  4. Ineffective training: Punishment-based training methods are often ineffective in achieving the desired behavior, as they do not address the underlying cause of the behavior.
  5. Short-term results: Punishment-based training methods often only achieve short-term results, as the dog may only comply out of fear, rather than understanding and willingness.
  6. Lack of understanding: Punishment-based training methods often do not teach the dog what they should do, they only tell them what they should not do. This can lead to confusion and frustration for the dog.

Punishment based training is at best only effective in the short term and at worst can cause long term, sometimes irreversible harm to dogs. Trainers who make claims that punishment based training is the only way to train dogs should not be trusted. Always seek out the help of a qualified reward based dog trainer who is up to date on the most humane approaches to training dogs. 

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